Toward the White Republic



Michael O’Meara is an academic who previously analyzed the so-called European New Right in his book “New Culture, New Right”.

With Toward the White Republic O’Meara won the first prize of $ 1,000 in the first essay contest organized by The Occidental Quarterly, and the book has otherwise received very good reviews.

“Convinced that the present political-economic system threatens the existence of European-America, he explores the prospects of establishing a White Republic in North America. To this end, he highlights the role that political myth will play in mobilizing whites to fight for their existence, brushes aside the philistine distractions of race realists and conservatives, and weighs the potential for system collapse. If the white race is to regain control of its destiny in North America, this book may well be one of its inspirations.”

From Myth to Revolution
1. Toward the White Republic
2. The Myth of Our Rebirth
3. The Sword
4. The Edge of the Sword
5. Cù Chulainn in the GPO
6. The Northwest Novels of H. A. Covington

Why I am Not a Conservative
7. Why I Write
8. Three Pillars
9. The Next Conservatism?
10. Against White Reformists

Apocalypse American-Style
11. Katrina’s Intimation of the End
12. 2009: Crisis or Opportunity?
13. US, SU: Same Scenario?
14. The Hotrod of the Apocalypse

Call to Arms
15. Foreigners Out!

About the Author

Said Michael O’Meara and Toward the White Republic

“Just as in medieval times it was considered high treason to speak of the death of the king, in the United States it is taboo to contemplate the break-up of the ‘one nation, indivisible’. Yet in this slim volume of essays Michael O?Meara argues that if the white race is to survive on this continent, the American Empire must perish. Secession is rising from the ashes of 1865, and O’Meara is one of its leading prophets.”
H. A. Covington, author of the Northwest Quartet

“Michael O’Meara is a thinker of great depth and a writer of extraordinary skill. He is impressively erudite, yet in these essays he wears his learning lightly. He is not a pedant trying to dazzle his readers with arcane and esoteric verbiage. He is a revolutionary, who wants to change the world. His idea of the White Republic as the mythic source and aim of radical cultural-racial regeneration may seem too romantic and too risky to the older generation of American paleo-conservatives and European ethno-nationalists. But if the white man is to retrieve his destiny, it is the only way.”
Tomislav Sunic, author of Homo Americanus

Author: Michael O’Meara
Pages: 162
Binding: Hardcover | Softcover
Published: 2010
Language: English
ISBN: 19978-35965034 | 978-1935965039