The Mask and Face of Contemporary Spiritualism



A survey of the present currents in esoteric studies, and an unmasking of their true relation to Traditional spiritualism, The Mask and Face of Contemporary Spiritualism is a guidebook for the spiritual seeker through the bewildering labyrinth of disciplines and dead-ends of contemporary spirituality.

Julius Evola, one of the foremost Traditionalists of the past century, brings his inimitable analysis to everything from spiritism and anthroposophy to Satanism and Catholicism, tackling as he goes Freudianism, Nietzscheanism, the fiction of Dostoevsky, and figures as diverse as Aleister Crowley, Rudolf Steiner and Anton LaVey. At once metaphysical and practical, this book offers the priceless perspective of an author who dedicated decades to his own profound investigations into the “supersensible,” culminating in a thorough critique of contemporary spiritualism — and a masterful revelation of higher teachings.


Translator’s Introduction

  1. The Supernatural in the Modern World
  2. Spiritualism and “Psychic Research”

III. Critique of Psychoanalysis

  1. Critique of Theosophism
  2. Critique of Anthroposophy
  3. Neomysticism. Krishnamurti.

VII. Parenthetical on Esoteric Catholicism and on “Integral Traditionalism”

VIII. Primitivism — The Possessed — The “Overman”

  1. Satanism
  2. Initiatic Currents and “High Magic”


Author: Julius Evola
Pages: 240
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2018
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-912079-34-6

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