The Initiate – Issue 2



Editorial Comment by David J Wingfield
Egyptian Visions of Decay bt Sergio Knipe
Neo-Monasticism by Robert Bullen
Love and Knowledge in the Field of Spiritual Combat: A Comparison of the Sufi Teachings of Frithjof Schuon and Javad Nurbakhsh by Charles Upton
Witchcraft: Mythology and Reality by David Griffith
The Witches’ Coven by Julius Evola
Letters to the Editor
Book Reviews
Music and Magic by Peter Widukind
Music Reviews
War Protocols by Karlo Z. Valois
Dramatis Personae

In the description of the journal publisher Arktos writes:

The Initiate is a journal which offers a forum for serious writing on traditionalism, spirituality, and related topics, seeking to restore something of the lost wisdom of our ancestors to the modern world.

This greatly expanded second issue features essays by Sergio Knipe discussing ideas of cyclical history in ancient Egyptian myth; Robert Bullen on the re-emergence of the monastic lifestyle; Charles Upton comparing the Sufi philosophy of Frithjof Schuon and Javad Nurbakhsh; David Griffith on the reality versus the mythology of European withcraft; Julius Evola, in a previously untranslated essay, on his meeting with Gerald Gardner, the founder of Wicca; Peter Widukind on the mystical power of music; and Karlo Valois on the lifestyle of the modern warrior, as well as music and book reviews, and letters to the editor in response to our first issue.

This second issue more than doubles in size the amount of material contained in the first, and much more care was put into the quality of its editing and production. It also focuses more on the inner, as opposed to the outward, political struggle against the modern world. Profusely illustrated, it will provide much nourishment for the soul starving in the parched landscape of a secularised and disenchanted world.

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