Some Thoughts on Hitler & Other Essays



Why are we subject to more anti-Hitler propaganda today than during World War II?

Why do most people know how many Jews died in World War II but have no idea how many non-Jews who died?

Irmin Vinson Some Thoughts on Hitler and Other Essays is a book about propaganda. Vinson explains how the organized Jewish community uses the memory of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust as a weapon to stigmatize nationalism and ethnic pride, not only against the Germans, but all white, even those who fought against Hitler.

Vinson explains how this fake white guilt and self-hatred has been used to break down the Whites’ opposition to multiculturalism, race mixing, affirmative action and the invasion and colonization of the white homelands of non-white immigrants – trends that, if not reversed, leading to the eradication of the white peoples.

In these clear, rational and highly readable essays, exposes Irmin Vinson and destroys the insidious propaganda and clear the way for the rebirth of white pride and nationalism.

Foreword by Kevin MacDonald.

“Irmin Vinson is a sophisticated thinker and eloquent writer about all of the issues at the heart of the dispossession of whites. I highly recommend this collection of his essays.”
Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D., author of The Culture of Critique

“This collection of thought-provoking essays is a valuable antidote to the Judeocentric view of the past and present that’s become all but obligatory in our society. The author does not attempt a revisionist reexamination of the wartime fate of Europe’s Jews. Instead, he explains why and how the quasi-religious “Holocaust” narrative has come to play such a prominent role in our mass media and cultural life.”
– Mark Weber, Director, Institute for Historical Review

Author: Irmin Vinsom
Pages: 190
Binding: Hardcover | Softcover
Published: 2012
Language: English