Scientific Humanism



Dr. T Lothrop Stoddard was an American author, journalist, historian and race antropolog author of a long series of books. This is Stoddars single philosophical works. He advocates in the book renessansens humanistic ideals of an open and rational approach combined with the acceptance of the research that emerged within particular race, IQ, and eugenics. This means Stoddard is the only path to true human happiness.

“When [man] has grasped the possibility of a richer, fuller, happier life in such an age, the common man will hearken to the voice of reason rather than to the toxin of passionate emotion.”


Chapter I: Our Scientific Age
Chapter II: Our Unscientific Selves
Chapter III: The Perilous Present
Chapter IV: Science and Every-Day Life
Chapter V: The Split in the Camp of Progress
Chapter VI: The Quarrel between “Heart” And “Head”
Chapter VII: Science and Religion
Chapter VIII: The Hope of Science
Chapter IX: Scientific Humanism

Author: Dr. T Lothrop Stoddard
Pages: 91
Binding: Softcover
Published: 2012
Language: English

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