Barnes Against the Blackout: Essays Against Interventionism



Revisionist giant Harry Elmer Barnes is at his battling best in these essays and reviews on the Second World War, and on the “Cold War” with the Soviet Union that followed. Professor Barnes takes passionate issue with the writings of his historian colleagues, whether in the academy or (increasingly) in the Pentagon and the CIA, on the causes, conduct, and results of America’s “crusade” against Germany and Japan. Stern assessments of the establishment accounts, from Walter Millis to William Shirer, that laid the groundwork for today’s wrongheaded history, and vital reviews of the studies that refute them, including A. J. P. Taylor’s Origins of the Second World War and David Hoggan’s Forced War. Aimed at Cold War America’s march toward global embroilment and a “new world order,” these “Essays against Interventionism” hit home amidst continuing alarmist US intervention around the world.

Author: Harry Elmer Barnes
Pages: 376
Binding: Softcover
Published: 1991
Language: English
ISBN: 0939484366

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