A Fair Hearing

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Personal perspectives from activists and intellectuals on the front lines of a brutal culture war. Featuring essays by Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Kevin MacDonald and many others.

Alt-righters are determined to build a movement that, unlike the mainstream right, can offer meaningful resistance to, and finally rout, the left. — From the Introduction

The alt-right is foremost an intellectual movement, but its thinkers are anything but retiring academics. Its members are seldom over 40, often from middle class backgrounds, often college educated, and always on the cutting edge of Internet culture. With their legendary brutal attacks on liberal utopianism, their ability to dominate any social media platforms where they aren’t censored, and more recently, their controversial public demonstrations, the alt-right has become the proverbial elephant in the room of American politics.

Are these merely neo-Nazis with updated packaging, or has this movement, as its members believe, tapped into something more profound? You’ve heard from their detractors. Here is an opportunity to get the information firsthand, and judge for yourself.

I highly recommend this book to people of all political persuasions who want an inside look into the movement and not just the media spin. — Paul Ramsey, Popular Vlogger and Political Commentator

The authors of this book remind us of the age-old Western wisdom: the iron laws of race and heredity cannot be wished away. They will soon determine a new cycle in Western history. — Dr. Tomislav Sunic, World-Renowned Author and Diplomat



Introduction: An Alternative to Failure

I. The Alt-Right in Context
The New Kulaks: Whites as an Enemy Class (Gregory Hood)
A Normie’s Guide to the Alt-Right (Collin Liddell)
From Generation Unto Generation (Sam Dickson)

II. Personal Perspectives
Ground Zero at Charlottesville (Evan McLaren)
Lessons from Homeless Feminists (Melissa Meszaros)
Cut Off the Path of Retreat (Marcus Follin)
Regarding the Insidious Libertarian-to-Alt-Right Pipeline (Jared Howe)

III. Culture Clash
The Last Big Battle of the Civil War (Ethan Edwards)
How the Alt-Right Benefits Women (Bre Faucheux)
Stop Watching Football (Richard Spencer)

IV. The Human Question
Race Realism (Jared Taylor)
The Sexual Prisoner’s Dilemma (Roderick Kaine)
Irreconcilable Differences (Bill Matheson)
The Alt-Right and the Jews (Kevin MacDonald)
The European Revolution (Ryan Faulk)

V. Counterrevolution

Metapolitics (Daniel Friberg)
Dismantling Anti-White Newspeak (George T. Shaw)
Addendum: The Alt-Right’s Counter-Revolutionary Lexicon (George T. Shaw)
The Art of the Troll (Alex McNabb)
Physical Removal: More Than a Meme (Augustus Invictus)
Postscript: Think Again, They Are Coming for You

Authors: Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Kevin MacDonald and many others.
Pages: 260
Binding: Softcover | Hardcover
Published: 2018
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-912079-02-5