About us

The Free Speech Library is a new bookstore with a global reach. The site was launched to the public in July 2019. The company is making a huge effort to create an alternative to the multinational bookstores, which every so often ban “politically incorrect” and “controversial” authors and publishers. 

– It has become an increasing problem for authors and publishers to distribute their books. When Amazon and other major online stores continue to purge titles, we need to find other solutions, says Stefan Jacobsson, one of the initiators of the Free Speech Library.
The idea behind the Free Speech Library is to create a platform were you can find books that others have banned and censored, as well as books that are at risk of being banned in the future, because of who has published it or who the author is.
– We are ready to distribute books worldwide. Our team has many years of experience in book distribution, and our customers can count on both excellent service and full discretion. We currently have more than 300 titles in stock – a number that is growing every month, says Stefan.


With the launch of the Free Speech Library, publishers need no longer rely on, nor refer prospective buyers to, Amazon and similar sites in order to get their books into the customer’s hands. Instead they can refer to the bookstore that actually appreciates Freedom of Speech and is willing to fight for it. They need not worry about censorship or large book purges, instead they can focus their time and efforts on producing books and spreading ideas.

Below you will find a list of some of the Publishing Houses that we distribute books from. In addition to them, you will find several other Publishing Houses as well as Self-published authors, whose books are in our stock.